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Thank you for taking your time to visit our site. For those of you who are returning customers, please know how much we appreciate your continued loyalty to the Maximum Living brand of quality supplements. For those of you who are joining us, welcome to our family. We look forward to serving all of you for many years to come.


Our Company

Founded in 1992, Maximum Living Quality Supplements was created to meet an identified need in the market for high-quality mineral supplements.  After observing that more of his medical practice patients suffered from magnesium and trace mineral deficiencies than calcium, Dr. Ross Gordon, (D.O, M.D.), along with Maureen Kennedy Salaman and a team of experts, formulated the company’s first product, MineralRich®.  It was an immediate success and gained notable recognition in the nutritional supplement marketplace.  As the company has grown, it’s added a wide selection of other health-promoting supplements, all of which are proudly made in the USA utilizing the finest raw materials and most cutting-edge manufacturing processes.


Our Commitment to You

Courteous and Supportive Customer Service

Our staff will receive your call with a smile, answer any product related questions and courteously take your order in an unhurried and relaxed manner. Just as our supplements take care of you, we want our customer service to provide the same quality of care.


Our manufacturing and testing processes have been aggressively designed to ensure our goal of producing superior products for you, our customer.  Check out our quality assurance link on our home page.

30‐day money back guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with any Maximum Living product, return it within 30 days (to the place of purchase or you can contact us directly) and we will gladly replace or exchange it, or provide a refund. Customer satisfaction is and always will be our primary focus.

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