** Daily Health Pack PROMO – almost an $80 value!

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The Daily Health Pack includes MineralRich, Vita-Sprout, and Omega-3 Fish Oil

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All you need to maintain daily health!

MineralRich® offers a blend of naturally balanced trace minerals combined with essential macro minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, potassium and silica. 1000 mcg of B-12 and 200 mcg of Biotin (B7) are also added making this synergistic formula complete for optimal health.

Maximum Living’s Vita-Sprout® is a complete whole food multi-vitamin/mineral formula. This synergistic blend of concentrated organic sprouts and GMO-free vegetables feed the body with essential phytonutrients delivering enhanced nutritional support to the body.

Maximum Living’s Omega-3 Fish Oil is comprised of the highest quality, all natural fish oils rich with essential Omega-3 fatty acids in their naturally existing ratios.

One soft gelatin capsule offers:

180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA
Supports Healthy Brain Function*
Cardiovascular Support*
Supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response*
Nourishes Bones and joints*


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