MineralRich Testimonials

This is an amazing product! It has had such an awesome effect on my skin. People think I’m wearing make-up, but it is a natural glow from the inside since taking this awesome product. I have noticed my energy level is up and overall well-being since being on this product for a month. I take 3 tablespoons in the morning and I feel wonderful the whole day! Will be a continued user. – G. Williams

I’m working on my second bottle. Mineral Rich is amazing. I call it the ‘eye opener’ and the ‘quicker picker upper’…. Lol. I take it right after waking up and my energy is at its peak with no crash effects. My hair is growing too, and it doesn’t discriminate either it grows all over (smile). I am a satisfied customer. – Jeretha

I’ve noticed that I have more energy, and my hair grows super fast too. – tdaviscole, Amazon Customer

Many years ago my son who is now 26 was always sick from birth we would meet our insurance deductible every year by the end of January we as parents were constantly at the doctors or hospital they knew us by name. My son was only 2 at the time but every morning religiously I would give him an ounce. After the first bottle, I saw immediate results and ordered more. I continued giving it to him for years and guess what? No more visits to doctor or hospital, no more sickness. He is now a strong healthy 26 year old man and to this day we still talk about his ritual of taking MinealRich… it changed both of our lives – Melissa

Helps me to lose weight and curbs my appetite really well. Love this. – Robert

I like mineral rich ever since Maureen Salaman taught me about the benefits it has in you internally & externally in addition to feeling much better and having more energy than drinking those energy drinks that have serious side effects internally. You have the confidence in the quality &the long lasting brand name knowing that youre doing something good for yourself by looking after your body. That lasts a life time. – Rebecca

I’m anemic, have thyroid issues, and am borderline diabetic. Mineral rich has helped me with my iron levels and increased my energy level. By taking this I was able to stop taking my iron pills 3 times a day and take them once a day. I’m forever grateful for this product and what it’s done for my health as well as the fact my energy is through the roof. ALL HAIL MINERAL RICH!!!!! – Raven

I’m trying to get into shape and need a good vitamin to help me have the stamina to complete my workouts! I’ve used MineralRich a few years ago and loved it. – Zawata

I have taken Mineral Rich in the past and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I love the fact that it is in liquid form, and not a tablet! A natural form of energy! Gets me through those mid afternoon blood sugar drops- Dawn

I have a poor eating habit …mineral rich helps me with staying healthy… hair, skin, nails, energy even a clear mind… great product – Bebe

For overall health! Nursing a newborn and I feel so much better when I take this!! – Janet

I love Mineral Rich because when I drink it I know I am getting all the minerals my body needs since minerals need to be in sync with each other. It helps my husband not to have a charley horse during the night and that is fantastic. – Sandy

I absolutely love Mineral Rich – I like the fact that you have one with aloe as I have a sensitive tummy- it gives me the much needed energy Love it – Robert

I use this as my regimen for hair growth and skin…. I love the taste – Mariah

I was in a bad car accident and this has decreased the pain in my joints and increasd my energy levels – Sharmyn

For overall health plus I love the energy it gives me! – Shonda

Mineral Rich gives me a ton of energy! – Stephanie

More beneficial than any pill vitamin. I enjoy adding to my smoothies, or just in a shot glass with water. Hair is full and healthy. Gives me the energy boost I need sometimes pulling a 12 hour shift. – Rose

I am an avid buyer of mineral rich! I can honestly tell the difference when I take it and when I don’t. This product has biotin in it which helps hair grow! Overall this product has quality, quantity and isn’t overpriced. When I find something good I try to pass it on and when I saw this post I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a blessing to the company who has helped me and others who may potentially read my comment. – Christy

After taking it about a month, I had an indescribable feeling that I wanted to run down the hallway at work. Of course, I didn’t run inside the building, but I was thrilled that I wanted to since I hadn’t had this kind of energy since I was a kid. – Amazon Customer

I have been struggling with my depression and anxiety for almost 10 years. I was looking for a natural remedy that would help me ease or improve my mood. I usually can’t sleep at night because I have a lot things going on in my mind but this one has made me sleep like a baby. I also have found peace within me and wasn’t feeling the stress anymore. – Amazon Customer

I work 12 hours a day 5 days a week and get tired by day 2. I have been using Mineral Rich only for 2 days only and feel a tremendous amount of energy and improvement in my mood. I would recommend this to anyone who needs energy, It had me singing all day at work and smiling all day ok I was smiling before but not all day, I slept like a baby and I have always had trouble sleeping all night long. – Amazon Customer

I suffer from neuropathy which I know can be helped by B vitamins. So I tried Mineral Rich – it definitely has helped my symptoms. – Amazon Customer

I am 44 years old … When I first started in the natural products industry over 11 years ago, I was plagued with a weak immune system, depression and anxiety. I started taking MineralRich, and multi vitamin along with simple diet changes. I started to feel more energetic, had a more positive outlook and experienced improved sleep patterns within the first week. Eventually, I weaned myself off of the medications I was prescribed for depression and overcame many prohibitive habits that prevented me from fully enjoying life. I also noticed my skin looked better and I did not get sick as often. When I did, I had mild symptoms which cycled out within 1-2 days vs. the week or more my body used to hang onto a cough or cold. I started to eat healthier by making simple diets changes such as cutting out soda, eating more fruits and vegetables and food that was not packaged. Finding MineralRich was life changing for me. I am reminded of how much MineralRich does when I stop taking it – my body and mind starts to feel sluggish and my sleep patterns are disrupted. I can’t do without it!
– Kelly

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