Arm Your Immune System With Trusted Vitamins and Minerals

Cassy O'DanielOct 13, 2021

The leaves are changing, the holidays are on the horizon, school is back in session... fall is really upon us! We know you want your wellness toolbox full to keep your family healthy from this season into the next. Don’t let your immune system down this year, keep it fully armed and protected with our trio of supplements that are tested, safe and clean.

Know you want to protect yourself this winter but there are just too many options when it comes to vitamins? We've been here for 30 years with the same products that have helped so many.  If you’re looking for the tools to keep your family well this year, read on to learn why Maximum Living supplements may be what you’ve been missing. We’re going to dive into the immune system itself and why supplements can help boost its function.

What’s the connection with our immune system and our health?

Our immune system is inside our body to limit infection. We are born with an innate immune system that goes into action immediately upon the threat of an invader. Our acquired immune system, which we build over time from exposure, then creates antibodies to fight off the invader. From our skin cells on the outside, to our organs on the inside, each part of the body plays a role in the fight against infection. It's a complex system that we are still learning a ton about. But what we do know is a robust immune system can fight off illness better than a weakened one and lifestyle choices affect the strength of our immune system. 

Isn’t that impressive? We have this amazing, God-given system that is made to fight off illness. When our immune system is strong and armed with the best tools, it will fight for us! Lifestyle choices are what we can control, so let’s do the best we can. Eating a wide array of fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of filtered water and staying physically fit is a great start! We understand that it is hard to be perfect with our diet and exercise every day. It's easy to take physician formulated, easy to swallow capsules, and great tasting drinks as supplements. No, we aren’t saying take the easy route and forget about diet and exercise. That’s why they are called supplements instead of replacements. Fight off illness, and give yourself peace of mind with Maximum Living’s trio of supplements while trying your best at your daily healthy habits. Arming your family with extra immunity through supplementation is the way to go! 

How are Maximum Living Supplements unique?

MineralRich is a liquid supplement which is the most bioavailable form for the body to utilize. Vita-Sprout and Solu-C are capsules due to being whole-food supplements. They have been tested through every phase of production to ensure bioavailability. For example, Vita-Sprout offers freeze dried sprouts your body recognizes as food. Food as medicine! Instead of fragmented, synthetic pieces, we aim to keep our supplements as close to food in nature as possible. Further, we make sure individual vitamins and minerals are high-quality and safely sourced when we see a need to add them. Through years of research, testing and re-testing, these supplements have stood the test of time. We aren’t here for a trend, we’ve been with you every season and we know you want tested and true vitamins and minerals for your family’s wellness.

How do Maximum Living’s supplements improve your immune function? 

MineralRich: A treasury of minerals sourced from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA. Minerals are the building blocks of our cells and organs, without adequate minerals those cells break down which can lead to weakened immune function and more chances for illness to fight its way through and cause harm. We get minerals straight from the earth’s surface and it's difficult to get enough and to make sure they are in balance to support all of our cells. Many Americans are low or depleted in minerals. Without adequate minerals, our body stops working efficiently and it's hard to know if we are mineral deficient until problems occur. Minerals are essential, meaning we need them and cannot make them on our own. When you are mineral sufficient, your body can react and adapt which is what is needed for a strong immune system. We recommend MineralRich towards your daily building blocks to improve cell function and growth and therefore strengthening your body's natural defense mechanisms.

Vita-Sprout: This is your whole food multivitamin. Proper vitamin balance is essential for immune health. Vita-Sprout contains a synergistic blend of over 25 vitamins all from real food sources. We further added GMO free sprouts, vegetables and antioxidants. More important than the number of vitamins is the fact that Vita-Sprout is recognized as food in the body and therefore proven to break down and absorb. This means the body can really utilize the vitamins to boost the immune system and fight for your health.


Solu-C: We all want extra vitamin C during the fall and winter months. This year more than ever. Vitamin C is a water soluble antioxidant that cannot be stored for long in our body so we need to eat it daily. Solu-C contains 1000 g through 5 types of vitamin C! And that’s not all, we’ve also added in green tea and bioflavonoids from lemon, grape and citrus. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants which neutralize free radicals that are abundant when our immune system is fighting off an intruder. Naturally in our foods, bioflavonoids work to increase the benefits of vitamin C for our immune function. Solu-C will be your antioxidant protection against immune system invaders! 


God made the plants for us to harvest and eat. God made the earth’s surface rich in the nutrients our bodies need to grow and thrive. Maximum Living supplements are based on real food from God’s earth. Your immune system is already inside you fighting. Give it the boost it needs with our supplements full of hard to source antioxidants, mineral powerhouses, and whole food blends.


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