What Is Silica And Is It Safe?

If the word “silica” gives you a hint of skepticism, you aren’t alone. There’s a lot of confusion around this ingredient, its benefits, and whether it is safe to consume.

To help you better understand this ingredient, this post dives into the basics of silica – what is it, how it is used, and what forms are okay to consume. We will also cover why it can be beneficial to you and how to ensure you are getting enough in your diet.

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Trace Minerals: Your Guide To Minerals, Trace Minerals, Macro Minerals and more

Could you use a trace mineral boost? If you’re an adult living in the United States, chances are the answer is yes. Due to unsustainable farming practices, changes in soil composition, and the rise of packaged and processed franken-foods, the fruits, vegetables and meats we eat today simply don’t have the same vitamin and mineral composition they used to. Keep reading to see how you can restore your body back into full balance. 

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Taking it to the Max!

When it comes to living your best, you can’t be lazy. You have to get out there and do something! And that means everything from exercising and eating right to enhancing your healthy habits with dietary supplements like Maximum Living MineralRich....Continue Reading

How to Survive the Stress of the Holidays with Maximum Living MineralRich

The holidays are officially upon us. With them come more than just sparkling lights and home-cooked meals. For many people, the holidays carry an additional burden of stress, which can take a toll both physically and mentally. Surviving the holidays isn’t easy, but if you have a plan of attack in place you will be able to enjoy the magical moments, rather than worrying about who you may have left off your gift list....Continue Reading

How Important are Minerals to Us? Are We Getting What We Need?

We often hear that certain foods contain a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. Minerals are important basic building blocks for proper nutrition and health. Without them, other nutrients are unable to function properly. Amino acids and enzymes don’t function as well as they should, resulting in other nutrients not breaking down enough to be properly absorbed. The end result; serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies....Continue Reading