Is your daily cup of joe depleting you of vital nutrients?

Cassy O'DanielAug 3, 2023

Caffeine is great for that initial spark of energy right? It can make you feel more awake and productive! But most people also feel they get an afternoon crash, or feel even more tired once the caffeine wears off and it becomes a vicious cycle. Not to mention that weird jittery feeling…We aren’t here to say you have to give up your caffeine but we do want to educate on the ways you can improve your energy and focus in other ways. One thing caffeine does is it dehydrates you which also then depletes you of important minerals. So one reason you may be feeling more tired, have brain fog,  or trouble sleeping could be because caffeine has actually flushed some of the energy supporting minerals out of your system. This is especially important once you know that minerals fuel the brain and the metabolism! With caffeine or on their own, having a proper mineral balance will give you a boost of natural, stable energy and focus, without a crash or jitters, plus they help support sound sleep. If you want to think clearly, stay focused and use your brain daily, you may want to take extra minerals.

Water alone won’t cut it for improving overall metabolism because you actually need a blend of minerals, like potassium and sodium, to help pull water into the cells and hydrate them fully for lasting health benefits.

Every single one of your thirty trillion cells needs minerals. And each step in that cell's process to create energy and keep your body healthy and functional needs different minerals at different times. If you are lacking minerals, like the average person today, your body cannot produce as much energy leaving you feeling foggy and sluggish while still not being able to get high quality, deep sleep. A natural mix of minerals is what your body craves daily. MineralRich has been helping solve mineral deficiencies for over 30 years. You just sip an ounce a day of the cherry flavored nutritional beverage daily, and voila, you're taking in over 70 bioavailable essential minerals plus added vitamins for health. Give it a try today, or if you still aren't convinced check out all of our raving reviews by clicking the star on the left hand of the screen!

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