Decrease Inflammation and increase energy this winter

Cassy O'DanielFeb 4, 2023

February is a tough month for a lot of people. Especially here in the midwest its just an ugly month. The magic of the holidays has worn off, but the lbs have stayed with us. Most of the fun holiday decor has been taken down, the skis are gray and the ground is slippery but sludgy. It can be really tough to stay motivated towards those lofty New Year’s resolutions or even to stay active and healthy without a specific goal you are working towards. I know my energy plummets this month, sometimes it seems like the whole family's mood is a little low and so we've come up with some tools to help boost our wellness and make it a fun Feb. I wanted to share the tools my family uses and give some extra tools I recommend for others. Depending on the age and circumstance of your family you may find some of these more helpful than others. My family primarily works towards increasing energy and maintaining a positive mood. But I know for a lot of people that goes hand in hand with reducing inflammation and losing the extra holiday weight. 

Boost your energy with these tips

Reduce Inflammation with these tips

Try our a few of these tips and we hope it helps lead to a fun February and a super spring!

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