Grow to glow your hair skin and nails

Cassy O'DanielJul 25, 2022

Grow to glow your hair skin and nails

There are tons of goops and pills out there to promote hair and nail growth and of course even more to create “glowing, dewy, and younger looking skin.” Claims of reversing aging and pumping yourself full of chemicals to look like your younger self. But is that what we really want? A body full of unhealthy goop to have an appearance of youth on the outside? It’s hard not to idolize youth. I look at my toddler and could just eat up her perfect soft skin! And her hair, so full and soft and growing so fast! Don’t even get me started on her nails, they grow so speedy I can’t keep up with the clipping. And here I am in my 30s and I can tell everything is starting to go downhill. So what happened? 

When we’re young our bodies are so efficient. Our cell turnover happens quickly and without mistake. Our metabolism is on fire and we haven’t had junk from our food and environment to slow things down yet. That all adds up to the outside physical look of youth. As we age our cellular metabolism becomes less efficient and it can’t keep up so it begins to show on the outside with sagging skin, wrinkles, dryness, and less growth power overall. Unfortunately, it’s a natural process, but it can definitely happen at different speeds depending on how you treat your body. Your cells and metabolism can be more efficient as you age if you give them the best tools. So that’s what we want you to know; that yes sure you can grab for the fake stuff or you can fuel your body to look its best naturally and to slow down the aging process. At Maximum Living, we pride ourselves on the natural beauty benefits our products result in. We didn’t set out to make beauty products, but because they give your body the nutrients it needs to perform its best, metabolism can be more efficient and the outward appearance benefits. Thanks to our specifically crafted vitamins and minerals, made to be as natural and close to real food as possible, your body gains the good stuff and it shows!

I totally understand still being tempted to buy all the goop and pills to potentially reverse the outward appearance of aging. But, when I take a closer look,I’m reminded there are a lot of risks because most of those products are full of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. A lot of them are so new we don’t even know what health issues they could cause down the road. And they aren’t regulated closely so there’s just a lot of unknown. I wouldn’t let my kids use them, that's for sure. I don’t value looking younger over my true health. I know if I am healthy I’ll look it. Good news is there are ways you can have a little of both! Safe products that actually work to improve your hair, skin and nails! 

Nutrients in Maximum Living supplements for beauty

Those tools I mentioned to naturally slow down the aging process without risk comes from lifestyle habits including movement and nutrition. Reducing stress and keeping your mood on the positive side can also affect your physical looks.


Ways to improve hair skin nails quality naturally and to look and feel younger

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