How vitamin C + green tea can help you this winter

Cassy O'DanielDec 17, 2021

We all want extra vitamin C during the fall and winter months. This year more than ever. Vitamin C is a water soluble antioxidant that cannot be stored for long in our body so we need to eat it daily. Add in vitamin C by eating colorful fruits and veggies like bell peppers, citrus and strawberries. For peace of mind to know you are getting ample amounts daily we made Solu-C which contains 1000 g through 5 types of vitamin C! And that’s not all, we’ve also added in green tea and bioflavonoids from lemon, grape and citrus. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants which neutralize free radicals that are abundant when our immune system is fighting off an intruder. Naturally in our foods, bioflavonoids work to increase the benefits of vitamin C for our immune function. Solu-C will be your antioxidant protection against immune system invaders! 

Bioflavonoid benefits- Flavonoids are what give fruits and veg their color. If you’ve ever heard of eating the rainbow, these are part of the reason why! They are antioxidants that reduce free radicals. We like to think of them also as anti-aging and anti-inflammatory, because when you cut down free radicals, you also slow down aging and reduce inflammation.

Green tea benefits- green tea has been known for centuries to improve health. Green tea is known to improve heart function and lower risk of heart disease. This ancient tea is also known as a preventative against cancer because of its high potency antioxidants, specifically EGCG. EGCG has been researched and studied and is proven to protect cells from damage. Cell damage is what ultimately leads to disease within the body. Green tea has also been known as a fat burning tea, and can be used as a healthy and safe way to increase metabolism. It's also a great brain booster and has been a trusted tool used for focus and studying for centuries.

Types of C

  1. Ascorbic Acid: known for penetrating the skin barrier and helping to brighten and refresh the skin!
  2. Magnesium ascorbate: Known for its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties
  3. Calcium ascorbate:Known for collagen synthesis and promoting tissue growth and wound healing
  4. Zinc ascorbate: raises antiviral and antibacterial resistance
  5. Ascobarl palmitate: free radical scavenger 
  6. Rose-hips: taken to reduce pain and inflammation, one of nature's pain killers!

We hope this education helps you understand why we are such big fans of supplementing with the synergistic blend in Solu-C. Power up your immune and inflammation fighting Solu-C with MineralRich for an even more powerful health punch!

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