Immune Powerhouse: Vitamin C + Green Tea

Cassy O'DanielSep 21, 2022

Solu-C’s combination of EGCG extract from green tea and natural vitamin C sources is hard to beat for an immune boosting, collagen promoting and disease fighting supplement. 

Maximum Living chose to add together Vitamin C as ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate, magnesium ascorbate, zinc ascorbate and rosehip to promote first absorption into the cells and second, recognizability for the body to then use these vitamins to balance immune system inadequacies, protect the heart and eyes, and boost beauty through collagen production and inflammation reduction. 

Then, they went further and added flavonoids from readily usable lemon, grape and citrus rinds. Nutrients from real foods your body knows how to break down and use to reduce oxidation which leads to aging and internal stress. This stress could lead to disease like cancer, osteoarthritis and chronic health issues, all of which we definitely want to try and protect ourselves against! Flavonoids with Vitamin C can also boost your body’s histamine receptors to reduce seasonal allergies and improve joint and muscle health through inflammation reduction.   

And finally, Solu-C’s added green tea extract makes this supplement well rounded to boost overall absorption of all these nutrients plus the added perk of brain and bone health plus healthy weight management through green tea’s powerful fat burning and mood boosting effects. All of that with very minimal caffeine compared to a cup of green tea.     

If your family is looking for an immune boosting, health promoting supplement look no further. We all know Vitamin C is good for our immunity but now you know why Solu-C is the superior choice for improving health outcomes.

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