Love is in the air

Cassy O'DanielFeb 14, 2023

It's no coincidence that February is Heart Health Month. All month long we see reminders of the vital muscular organ at every shop we visit. At Maximum Living we think it's a good reminder to show some extra love to your loved ones and to show yourself some love by getting your health numbers checked out. Only about ⅕ of American adults get a physical each year. When was the last time you had your ticker checked out? Make that appointment now and go prepared with all the health questions you’ve been wondering about. Read below for some risk factors to pay attention to and some recommended heart healthy additions you can add to your lifestyle!

We can’t control the genes we were handed but we can control what we do and don’t do to protect those genes and our hearts.

According to the CDC major risk factors for Heart Disease include:

According to CDC these heart healthy lifestyle additions can reduce risk of heart disease

Which of these can you do better with this month? 

We hope everyone has a lovely February!

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