Maximum Living President Scott Cloud On Why He Takes Our Multi, Vita-Sprout

Cassy O'DanielApr 14, 2023

When I was a child growing up on a farm in small town middle America, I was fortunate to have parents that took an interest in providing our family a small assortment of vitamins and minerals. Not anything out of the ordinary, mainly multi-vitamin/mineral formulas and some additional antioxidants like vitamin C and E. Growing up in “the country” we had access to fresh organic eggs and my parents and grandparents always kept a garden so we also had access to fresh and home-canned vegetables. Once I left home for first, military service and then my adult career I always had a passion for healthy and nutritious food.

After my military service, I was fortunate to land a job and maintain a career in the natural products industry, mainly focused on dietary supplements and the “integrative medicine” industry. Because my wife and I both had healthy eating habits, I rarely took a multi-vitamin, instead focusing on isolated nutrients and conditioned oriented formulas. But after hitting my 60’s, I found that my nutritional needs were changing and what I had always done just wasn’t working as well. So I decided it was time to add in a solid multi to help provide a  foundation to my original protocol so that I could continue to live a vibrant active life. 

I wanted a supplement that provided all the ingredients that are typically found in a Multi, but wanted a product that I could use in tandem with other products I was taking. I also wanted a formula that was as natural as possible, and had additional benefits of being a vegetarian formula and one that had additional antioxidants support my active lifestyle. 

I was already using Maximum Living’s Mineral Rich product for specific mineral and electrolyte needs and then I decided to add in their Multi – Vita-Sprout “Whole Food and Multivitamin + Mineral formula. The formulas are designed to be taken together or separately, but I have to say that I immediately could tell a difference upon taking the two products together. Vita-Sprout, besides providing 13 vitamins and 11 minerals also provides an Organic Sprout Concentrate “power” blend and GMO Free Veggie and Herbal Antioxidant Blend. I am unsure if it’s those blends or just combination of the Vita-Sprout with the Mineral Rich but my energy levels increased and I noticed other unexpected benefits like less stress and better quality of sleep. 

Since many vitamins are water soluble and therefore do not stay in the body for a prolong period of time I wanted a two times daily dose and that’s what Vita-Sprout is. I take two capsules with breakfast and dinner for a total of four capsules per day. I like the Maximum Living brand because it has stood the test of time, and has been in the market for over 30 years. 

If you, like me need a bit more pep in your step or just want to add in a multi vitamin to your meals to ensure you’re getting all the nutritional support needed in this day and age, try Vita-Sprout. I know it worked for me! 

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