Mineral Guide- A list of some of the essential minerals, what they do for the body and how you can get more in your diet.

Cassy O'DanielMay 3, 2022

As big as Maximum Living is on mineral health, we know much of the public still isn’t educated on why we need minerals just as badly as we need vitamins. Maybe it’s because minerals are so tiny, people don’t focus on them as much, or we tend to skip over them. Even though you only need a small amount of these might nutrients, they are essential to our livelihood. Without minerals our metabolism stops which means our cells and organs can no longer function and we can’t really go on living. That's why people who are depleted of minerals have a tough time functioning. Don’t let your body get to that point. Read about these essential minerals below to see if you may have some issues that could be solved by adding more minerals to your diet.

Iodine is known for regulating thyroid health. So if you have a family or current health history of thyroid and hormone issues you may want to up your iodine. Symptoms can include weight gain, thinning hair, fatigue and weakness, dry skin and feeling colder than usual. The best edible sources of iodine are through seaweed and iodized sea salt.

Zinc: This mineral helps your immune system function and supports a healthy metabolism. Zinc has long been known to help people get over colds and immune attacks faster. If you or someone in your family gets sick a lot, they may need more daily zinc. Other symptoms of zinc deficiency include nail frailty, hair loss, increased infections and overall irritability.Foods high in zinc include seeds, meat, seafood, legumes, dairy and eggs

Magnesium improves energy and sleep quality, promotes positive mood and combats depression, improves physical performance and supports a healthy heart. This mineral has gotten a lot more airtime than its friends and for a good reason. Low magnesium can result in very obvious symptoms like feeling tired but not being able to sleep great, having a negative mood, not being able to physically do what you used to be able to or not having the energy to workout. You can get magnesium from whole grains, dark leafy greens, dried beans and legumes and nuts

Potassium is hugely important for nervous system support like muscle contractions and nerve signals, plus fluid balance, and it supports healthy blood pressure. If you experience muscle weakness, tingling or numbness but no other health issues can be found, try upping your potassium. Other symptoms of potassium deficiency include constipation and bloating. You can get your potassium from foods like leafy greens, avocado, banana, sweet potato and coconut water. 

Selenium acts as a powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals, supports thyroid and immune system regulation, and improves brain health. Fertility issues have been linked to selenium as well as muscle weakness and hair loss. Mental fog and fatigue are signs of low selenium while mental decline is a severe symptom of selenium depletion. To up your selenium try eating more seafood, Brazil nuts, kidney and liver meats.

Iron helps your body get oxygen to all the cells that need it for proper organ function. Iron can affect our memory and mood. Iron is vital for our metabolism and cell function. And don’t ignore the fact that menstruating women lose iron every month. To get more iron eat liver, spinach, egg yolks and cacao beans. 

Copper supports energy creation and protects our cells. People low in copper overtime can be more prone to fractures and osteoporosis. For more copper in your diet eat liver, oysters, muscles, crab, lobster, seeds and eggs.

Manganese supports healthy bones and connective tissue.Those low in manganese may have poor bone growth or skeletal defects, it also may slow growth and affect fertility. Further it can affect your metabolism and how your body digests carbs and fats. Eat blueberries, spinach, carrots and seeds to increase manganese. 

If the above are symptoms you are feeling but you are overwhelmed by trying to add all these minerals to your diet, have no fear! MineralRich was created 30 years ago to help people just like you to fill in the mineral gaps and have you feeling yourself again! MineralRich is a blend of naturally sourced minerals in a great tasting nutritional drink that is 100% bioavailable and easy to take, plus it's safe for the entire family!

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