Minerals For Hydration: A Solution For Better Sleep, Digestion and Energy!

Cassy O'DanielJul 13, 2022

Minerals For Hydration: A Solution For Better Sleep, Digestion and Energy!

Do you notice your kid’s sleep is off in the summer? Circadian rhythms are surely partly to blame with the days being longer, but if you notice they aren’t sleeping well, they could be deficient in minerals or slightly dehydrated. Try them for a month of MineralRich or MineralRich Aloe (for digestive support.) They will love the taste and you will love the reduced stress over bedtime and late night wake-ups. This goes for you adults too! Make sure to keep up with your MR habit. Minerals, like electrolytes, help your body keep and efficiently use adequate fluid supply. If you drink a ton of water but are deficient in minerals, your body can’t use the water to its best ability. Minerals help place the water where it's needed, like metabolism for energy and digestion!

Another culprit for changes to our norm these summer months is travel. This can derail our digestion, energy and hydration further. We highly recommend subscribing to MineralRich Aloe and getting your daily dose. Aloe has been trusted for millennia to relieve digestive problems. Its soothing natural compounds are a gentle and effective way to ease tummy troubles for all ages. Plus, magnesium along with other minerals in our tasty drink, helps draw water into the intestines keeping you regular. All of this plus the added B vitamins will increase your overall energy and mood.

If you are wondering why MieralRich is the recommended way to go compared to mineral water or hydration packs keep reading!

Minerals absorb better in liquid form and as a naturally sources compound. For example calcium in its natural state, in liquid form alongside naturally occurring minerals may absorb better than calcium in other forms, say from dairy. This can mean higher bone density and better calcium absorption for strong bones as children and even post menopause. Magnesium also supports strong bones. On the opposite side low calcium and magnesium are linked with high blood pressure which puts you at higher risk for heart problems like heart attacks and heart disease. Both of these working together in their ionic form, will give you more bang for your buck! 

MineralRich is different from drinking mineral water because mineral water is not well monitored and therefore can be inconsistent with the quality and amount of minerals in each bottle. We know exactly where the minerals come, we source our minerals from the great salt lake, then they are tested in a pharmaceutical grade lab while keeping them as close to their natural state as possible. We value the integrity of mother nature but we want to be sure each bottle provides the same nutritional punch!

Hydration packs can be a great option for on the go. However, they don’t solve underlying issues of being mal-nurtured if you haven’t been eating or drinking enough minerals over time. They will help you store more minerals in the short term, but symptoms like fatigue, poor sleep patterns, negative mood and digestive concerns can’t be solved. Further, to make these taste good, most are packed with sugar and artificial fillers. MineralRich is still a tasty shot, only 1 oz a day, with natural fructose from fruit, to give it a delightful taste that kids and adults love and crave!

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