Our Dynamic Duo: VitaSprout and MineralRich

Cassy O'DanielJul 7, 2022
Our Dynamic Duo: VitaSprout and MineralRich 
What pairing MineralRich with VitaSprout can do for your health and your family‘s overall wellness. 

Taking MineralRich, our delicious liquid mineral supplement along with our whole food multivitamin, VitaSprout, is the ticket to comprehensive health. Alone, both of these supplements are powerful for their speciality, but together you get your fill of essential minerals plus real food vitamins including over 70 minerals, cancer-fighting sprouts and nutritious dried veggies. 

Let’s dive into why this pair is so beneficial scientifically and specifically why I chose it daily for my family. Plus, if you still want to learn more, we’ll get into the weeds of specific nutrient’s benefits.

Vitamins and minerals are different nutrients. We need to consume both to be sufficient. The more whole foods you eat, and the more time you spend outside with feet buried in the sand or dirt the more you get, thanks to mother nature. But it's still probably not enough. How do we know it's not enough? Look at our culture’s health outcomes. Tons of prescription medications, diseases and sicknesses. Not to mention the less scary but still debilitating low energy, digestion problems, skin issues, inflammation, gut dysfunction, early aging, pain and soreness, memory loss, attention disorders, etc. You get the idea! I’m not saying our dynamic duo is a solution to this list but it sure as heck can’t hurt to be vitamin and mineral sufficient! Think of the illnesses and complaints you could eliminate, reduce or at least push down the road if you were getting all the fuel your body needs daily to operate to its fullest. That’s what we’re talking about. Getting optimal nutrition by combining MineralRich and VitaSprout (along with a healthy lifestyle) to fill in nutritional gaps and boost your body’s wellness to the max!

Specifically, MineralRich contains 70+ ionic minerals that are difficult to get daily from diet and nature alone. These minerals fuel our metabolism which affects everything from our brain to our gut. We can’t survive without minerals. They are small but mighty, as we like to say. VitaSprout isn’t your average multi-V, nope, we take real whole food that physicians have researched to have the most nutritional value and put them in our capsules. We work with top rated labs to keep all nutrients intact and have proven bioavailability so you know what's on the label is really getting absorbed in your body. Some of my favorite ingredients from VitaSprout include the 250mg of organic sprout power blend and 150mg of GMO free veggie and antioxidant blend. Not to mention methylated folate, iodine, zinc and selenium. The bang of comprehensive health you’ll benefit from by taking this duo is unparalleled! Give it a try this month and let us know how you feel. Read on to learn why and how my family has made this duo a daily habit.


I know you probably have a cupboard full of pill bottles that you already forget to take on a regular basis. And we both know the only way a supplement can help is if you take it daily and consistently. If you need a reminder as to why we need these daily, it's because our body doesn’t make a lot of vitamins and minerals, God gave us plants for this reason; to fill our body with proper nutrients we need but can’t make on our own.

I know my family will actually consume MineralRich + VitaSprout because it's simple and enjoyable! We drink down our MineralRich to swallow the VitaSprout capsules, it's a great family habit and everyone loves the naturally sweet taste of MineralRich and so it’s worth it to swallow a few capsules.  And by the way, they aren’t chalky pills, you can see they are filled with the good stuff and there aren’t any complaints of nasty burps around here either. 

I know I want all the help I can get to fuel my family and keep them healthy and balanced. We eat healthy, we move, and have created many other wellness habits!I’m proud of that, but I know we need supplements to fill in the gaps our diets aren’t giving us. We don’t eat 10+ different fruits and veggies each day, not even every week. We buy supplements so that we have peace of mind that we are getting all the vitamins and minerals our body needs and then we eat healthy on top of that for maximum health and maximum quality of life!


Many Americans are overfed but undernourished, kids and adults alike. It's quite a shame because we work so hard to look good but don’t focus on health which will naturally make you look good.there has been a marked trend toward an increasingly unrealistic thin ideal of women’s beauty. Subsequently, pressure is put on young women to restrict their food intake, dieting so they may achieve the ultimate thinness. Most attempts at long term weight loss fail. But what this unfortunately does is leads to a mineral and vitamin deficiency that make obtaining a healthy weight and energy levels really difficult to achieve. 

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