Taking it to the Max!

Kelly AndradeJun 5, 2020

When it comes to living your best, you can’t be lazy. You have to get out there and do something! And that means everything from exercising and eating right to enhancing your healthy habits with dietary supplements like Maximum Living MineralRich.

Do Something

Doing something, from taking a family walk around the block after dinner to joining a sports team is a great way to get out and do something! One of the best ways to get physically fit is to find something that you love to do. Once you have found an activity, whether it’s weekend hiking with the whole family or playing basketball after work, making working out fun will help to ensure that you make it a regular habit. Whether you love running on a treadmill at the gym or hitting the streets in your neighborhood, being physically active has great benefits on your whole body, inside and out.

Many people think that working out and living an active lifestyle is just for weight loss. Physical activity is definitely beneficial for weight loss and necessary for weight loss that lasts, but it has other benefits that are good for your health as well. Benefits that show not only on the outside, when you drop a few pounds and fit into your skinny jeans, but other benefits as well—that you can’t see.

The benefits of being physically active aren’t just weight-related. In addition to controlling your weight and promoting weight loss, physical activity may also reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, decrease the risk of diabetes 2 and metabolic syndrome, reduce the risk of getting some types of cancers, and strengthen bones and muscles. Exercise can even help you live to a ripe old age! For older people, physical activity can also help you boost your ability to continue daily activities as well as prevent falls.

If it’s been a while since you last exercised, be sure to start gradually to avoid creating further problems or possible heart issues. It won’t take long to build up your stamina and increase your ability to do more and go further. Supplements like those from Maximum Living can help boost the effects of exercise and support your body’s systems during exercise.

It may surprise you to learn that physical activity also has the ability to improve your mental health as well. Exercising regularly can help improve the ability to think and learn, which can diminish with age. Students that get regular physical activity have been shown to score higher on tests. Getting out and active can also improve your mood and may help to combat signs of depression and other mental health issues.

Eat Right

Another way to make sure that you are living your maximum life is by eating right. Eating right doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort. It just means eating a carefully balanced diet that doesn’t include a lot of fats and sugars but is filled with fresh fruits and veggies and lean proteins. And because no diet is perfect, be sure to include Maximum Living supplements into your healthy diet.

Simple swaps are a great place to start eating right. Substituting baking for frying is one of the best ways to cut out fats. You’ll also find that baking chicken requires a whole lot less grease but can taste just as delicious. Check out the Maximum Living Facebook page for new ways to enjoy your favorite foods.

It’s not easy to break out of a rut, but by dedicating your diet to healthy living, you get to try new things. You may discover that not only do you love pickles; a healthy fermented food, but that you love making your own pickles. Wandering around a farmer’s market and finding things that you can pickle is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors while discovering new foods. You may not like everything that you try, but you won’t know until you try them.

Fermented foods, spices, fresh herbs, and other goodies are great ways to add flavor without adding extra fat and salt. Salt is a major cause of many chronic diseases; including hypertension. By reducing your salt intake you can reduce a lot of the potential health ailments that go with a salty diet.

Not all food is created equally, so always try to buy organic when possible. You are what you eat and organic food is free from pesticides and other toxins that can cause health problems in humans. Locally grown food is also better for you because it has picked when nutrients are at their prime, rather than too soon to allow for shipping and storage and time.

If you eat a diet low in fat and cholesterol, you’ll also find that you feel more energized upbeat after a meal. Heavy meals can make you feel sluggish and slow but eating right can make you feel better.

Take it to the Max!

Take your new diet plan to the next level by adding supplements. Even if you eat a perfectly balanced diet, your body may not have all the nutrients it needs because not all food sources contain the same nutrients. How and where food is grown impacts its nutrition and by supplementing your diet with supplements you can ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs, from trace minerals through vitamins.

An orange grown in industrialized farming conditions may not have the same nutrients as an orange grown in your backyard because of over-farmed soil conditions and other variables. Because of this discrepancy in food sources, it is important to augment your diet with supplements. Supplements help to fill in the gaps that cannot be met through your diet alone. Adding supplements to your diet helps your body to run like a well-oiled machine, supporting various systems and boosting your energy levels naturally.

What you may not know is that supplements are more than just ways to supplement your diet; they are actually essential nutrients that your body needs to perform vital functions. By adding supplements to your diet you are basically just adding more fuel to the tank.

While many fitness and health gurus recommend so many different products that you end up feeling like your time is consumed by taking supplements, Maximum Living’s products are easy to use and incorporate into your daily routine.

Maximum Living’s MineralRich trace mineral formula with B-12 has developed a large following thanks to standing the test of time in the marketplace (over 25 years) and a proven history of improving overall health and well being. Take an ounce followed by a glass of water along with a healthful meal and it’s all you have to do to experience the best results. Not only are trace minerals in liquid form essential to the body, you can also benefit from whole food-based multi-vitamin such as Maximum Living’s Vita-Sprout to help you live a healthier life.

Supplements can help you get healthy along with a well-balanced diet. They can help to enhance the effects of the nutrients found in the variety of foods that you should be enjoying on a regular basis. By adding supplements to your diet, you can help improve your overall health as well as assist in managing various health conditions.

Maximum Living has created a variety of specially formulated supplements that can benefit your health needs. If chronic heart disease runs in your family, check out our range of supplements that benefit heart health. Many people suffer from digestive issues but by taking correctly formulated enzymes, you can alleviate many issues without side effects.

When choosing supplements, it is important to pick products that are made with high-quality ingredients. Many of the supplements you find in mass retailers are made with a variety of fillers and additives. Read labels and look for products like Maximum Living that include quality ingredients and high standards in manufacturing practices.

In addition to vitamins and enzymes, our most popular products are designed to increase the trace minerals in your body, which are essential for optimal function. Without minerals, your body doesn’t process enzymes or amino acids properly. Minerals help to increase the functionality of other nutrients in your body. Because food sources have changed over the years and no two items contain the same nutritional content, it is important that you add supplements to not only ensure you are getting the nutrients, but trace minerals as well to make sure that your body is using the nutrients.

Minerals like those found in MineralRich supplement a balance of over 70 essential ionic trace minerals and macro minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, and potassium in precise amounts. This mineral blend is also complimented with vitamins B-12 and biotin to make sure that your body has a natural balance of everything it needs for optimal function.

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