Team Member Spotlight: Get to know the people behind the products you love!

Cassy O'DanielMar 2, 2023

Spotlight on Cassy O'Daniel

We wanted to dive into the people who work to bring you quality health supplements so you know a little more about our small but might company. Check out our interview below!

Where do you live?

We live in a suburban but busy area of St Louis, MO where we can walk two blocks one way to a neighborhood park, or 2 blocks another way to the grocery store and restaurants. We live in a little yellow house that we are on the verge of outgrowing... 

I live with my husband of 4 years, and my two daughters Avery, who is 2 years old and Miley, who’s just 2 months old. We also have a -full of energy- lab mix named Remy.

What is your current role at Maximum Living?

I manage marketing efforts.

How long have you worked at maximum living?

I've worked at maximum living for 1.5 years

How long have you worked in the supplement realm?

I've worked directly in the supplement realm for only 2.5 years, but I've worked in the health and wellness realm for about 10 years now. Mainly, that time has been spent being a personal trainer and wellness coach. I've worked in gym settings but my specialty is primarily in-home fitness for older adults. We work on strength and cardio, functional movements, and overall body mechanics plus movement confidence. I love helping my clients regain skills and abilities they thought they had to give up with age!

What do you love best about our brand? 

I love that our products have stood the test of time. The supplement space is huge right now. Most people unfortunately have nutrient deficiencies and can really use high quality supplementation, but it can seem so hard to trust a new trend and the new brands and products that follow. Maximum Living has been selling the same tried and true products for over 30 years now! Their formulas were created by physicians who would not let quality suffer at any point of the formulation process, and still today we make sure to check quality and stay current with new research and findings. My other favorite piece to our brand is that our products are real food based. We try to stay away from synthetic, fragmented vitamins that our body may not actually absorb and use. We are what we eat and we know that our body does absorb real food so it can use it to create positive change in our body to grow, stay well and fight off disease. We know God put plants and animals on the earth for that reason-food is medicine! And Maximum Living strives to make vitamin and mineral supplements that are easy and enjoyable to consume that are as close to real food as possible.

What are some things you do for your own family’s health? 

We try to get outside daily. I also focus on good sleep habits.  We enjoy lots of movement in different ways and we take our Maximum Living supplements along with other real food supplements most days of the week. 

Why is health important to you/ what do you wish others knew about healthy living? 

I wish people knew that being healthy really is a lifestyle.  Being healthy is achieved from small habits done frequently over time. No crash diets or quick fixes. And I wish that people knew being healthy is worth it! We all have our struggles, and there are so many temptations for unhealthy habits. But when you’re healthy, your body feels so good it’s easier to continue making healthy choices, life is more enjoyable, and you just feel at peace.

What’s your favorite activity/sport/hobby/or a fun fact about you and your family?

I really love walking with my family. I love being outside, moving and taking in fresh air. But I equally love strength training, all types! My husband and I also love playing tennis and pickle-ball when we have time. And I love a good game or craft night with girlfriends!


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