The Maximum Living Quality Supplement Story

Cassy O'DanielSep 29, 2021

Here at Maximum Living we are unveiling a new look, but that does not mean we are changing who we are and what we stand for. While on the outside our labels may change as we get an upgrade, on the inside our products are still the same.

We want to give our long-time customers assurance that we are still a faith driven company producing high quality supplements. 

We want our newer customers to know more about our history. 

And we want to hear from all of you, what questions remain? How long have you been enjoying our supplements? What have they done for your health? What other health issues are you facing right now?  

For 30 years, Maximum Living Quality Supplements has aided its customers along their wellness journey by utilizing the highest quality ingredients, in the form of real food supplementation. You can trust Maximum Living will help you fill in your mineral and vitamin gaps so your body functions at its highest potential allowing you to go about your days feeling your best! Maximum Living, as the name suggests, wants you to be able to live your life to its fullest, in an abundance of health and blessings. 

Maximum Living opened in 1992 after Dr. Ross Gordon (D.O, M.D.) and Maureen Kennedy Salaman got fed up with seeing the same symptoms in patients with no simple solution. Along with a team of physicians, they created MineralRich as the flagship product to fill the need for an absorbable, liquid mineral supplement. That product has stood the test of time and nearly 30 years later is still helping thousands of people replenish their trace and essential mineral needs daily. Maximum Living didn’t stop there, as customers asked for more products they provided. To fill the need of whole food vitamin supplementation, Vita-Sprout and Solu-C were created. 

Now let’s dive into where it all began: Dr. Gordon was a practicing physician and noticed many of his patients complained about common symptoms like high blood pressure, constipation, digestive irregularity, migraines, anxiety, depression and sleep issues, to name a few. While he recognized these symptoms as common, he would not accept them as normal, and knew there was an overlap with the all-too-common deficiency in minerals. His major concern was that over the course of the last 50 years, the mineral content in soil, and therefore the food supply, has been severely diminished. Dr. Gordon knew that minerals are important basic building blocks for proper nutrition and health. Without them, other nutrients are unable to function properly. Minerals create a healthy environment in which the body, using vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, can grow, function, and heal itself. Dr. Gordon couldn’t find a simple solution that he trusted. He and his wife prayed for a solution to help their patients restore their health and decided it was up to them to use their education, tools, and faith to create the answer. And thus, MineralRich was formulated. They wanted it to be the trusted way to get 70 essential minerals in one naturally fruity-tasting liquid. His standards were high and he wanted to make sure this product would be made to match those standards which is one of the reasons the company decided to keep production in the USA. Fast forward to today and Maximum Living has continued to produce all its products in the USA, utilizing the finest raw materials and most cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Quality has remained an important value to Maximum Living and they continue to comply with strict FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines for Dietary Supplements, DSHEA, as well as all local, state, and federal regulations. Further, they've kept Christian values close to heart when considering all decisions made for the products and company. 

Maximum Living listened to their customer base, did their research, and added to their product line. Enter Mineral Rich plus Aloe; building on an already great product, now with added digestive benefits. Aloe Vera has been reported to benefit bowel disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), peptic ulcers, and many other types of stomach inflammation. Its healing and soothing properties make it a valuable component worth incorporating as a part of any regimen dealing with digestive complaints. It's the same formula of the original MineralRich, just with the added Aloe Vera benefits.

Maximum Living knows you try to eat as healthy as you can. They know you want to give the highest quality fuel to feed your mind and spirit. But they also know the unfortunate facts of our food industry today. An orange grown in industrialized farming conditions may not have the same nutrients as an orange grown 50 or more years ago. So while you try your best, supplements help fill in the gaps that cannot be met through diet alone. Whole food supplementation allows your body to control the use of the blend of nutrients instead of giving it synthetic, fragmented vitamins. Maximum Living’s Vita-Sprout is a complete whole food multivitamin/mineral formula. This synergistic blend of concentrated organic sprouts and GMO-free vegetables feed the body with essential phytonutrients delivering enhanced nutritional support to the body. Made with the highest quality ingredients, tested for impurities and absorption, Vita-Sprout’s synergy elevates the idea of a multivitamin to a whole new level because of the diverse blend of bioavailable whole food nutrients.  These building blocks will aid your body in wellness from head to toe. 

Adding supplements to your diet helps your body run like a well-oiled machine, supporting various systems, and boosting your energy levels naturally. What you may not know is that supplements are more than just ways to supplement your diet; they are essential nutrients that your body needs to perform vital functions. By adding supplements to your diet you are basically just adding more fuel to the tank. So, while Maximum Living definitely recommends eating foods high in Vitamin C like strawberries, oranges, broccoli and peppers, they also recommend supplementing with Solu-C to gain the full benefits. Because Vitamin C is water soluble our bodies can’t store it, but need it every day. If you’re missing out on key nutrients day after day, you're likely to see an increase in fatigue and common illnesses when your immune system can’t fight to its fullest. Vitamin C is also essential for collagen production and the body’s healing and building properties like the tissues of your skin, bone and blood vessels. Solu-C capsules are a source of Vitamin C that combines the bioflavonoid benefits of citrus, grape seed, and rutin with the powerful immune-enhancing properties of green tea. This combo is specifically engineered to give your body the tools it needs daily.

Maximum Living knows you want supplements that are proven by research and longevity. Products that are straightforward and don’t make outlandish claims. They believe in the value of real food nutrition and a well-balanced lifestyle with God at the center. When the company began, and still to this day, Maximum Living wants to improve upon itself. Certain things won’t change like good nutrition, an active lifestyle, being a good citizen, and living each day to the fullest. However, by listening to customer feedback, sharing and consuming education, Maximum Living promises to always conduct new research and stay informed on top health findings to keep bringing customers like you the best supplements for a healthy lifestyle. 

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