Tips to stay healthy and enjoy the holiday season

Cassy O'DanielDec 1, 2021

The holidays can be a tricky time. There's that nostalgia and fantasy we build up in our heads from years past, but it's hard for real life to live up to our fantasy of the season. Add in all the expenses and no time for exercise or healthy meals between the feasts. The result is a season of high stress and low energy, not exactly the magical feelings we anticipated. But there is hope and we have some ideas to help! Healthy recipe swaps for the holidays, plus some daily tips to reduce stress and enjoy the season. 

Recipe swaps

These wont work for every single recipe, but experiment and see which ones work for your family. It's ok to indulge, but if it leaves you feeling like crap, was it really worth it? You can really stay healthy and enjoy the holidays! A Little deeper on that, fixing your diet isn't the only culprit, let's discuss removing some of the stress that comes with the season. 

Stress reduction

As you can see, there’s a trend with these tips. Increase your healthy movement to decrease your stress. Maybe you can’t apply all of these this year, but that’s ok. One of these you aren't currently doing could help lift some of the heaviness and have you enjoying your family time a little more!

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