VitaSprout- Why are there sprouts in my multi-v?

Cassy O'DanielSep 1, 2022

To give you a quick glimpse of what eating veggie sprouts can help with, here are a few hugely valuable benefits

What are sprouts? They are basically baby versions of plants. They are germinated seeds before they mature. This stage of the plant is packed full with nutrients to help with all of the above. Even better, they are relatively easy to grow on your own, but they don’t always taste great and have a pretty short shelf life. That’s why we freeze dried them and broke them down to preserve almost 100% of their nutrients but you just swallow them in a capsule.

Sprouts are a super low calorie food but they give you a total bang for your buck in nutrients and that’s why they are a great option to lose or maintain weight. They fill and fuel your body without extra energy that can be stored as fat. That fuel from essential vitamins and minerals can help keep your energy and brain power up too, so you don’t feel like you need a pick me up snack! And they are a great source of fiber which can help with satiety and digestion. They can help even more with regulating digestion and improving your gut health because they help you break down hard to digest foods. Sprouts are easy to digest themselves and can aid people who have sensitive digestive tracts and further, they have even been shown to decrease likelihood of bad bacteria in the gut that can lead to illnesses like ulcers. Part of this is because sprouts are anti-inflammatory and can help reduce inflammation in the body which leads to the majority of chronic illnesses today. Sprouts have been studied to help protect against other illnesses as well. They are known to protect your heart and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. There are also some pretty cool studies that have shown sulforaphane, which is in broccoli sprouts, has helped diabetes patients regulate their blood sugar. And sulforaphane has been found to limit enzymatic reactions in the body that could have led to cancer growth. So they help protect the body and fight off disease!

I know I’m ordering sprouts on my next salad or sandwich and I hope you are convinced to as well! Hard as I try, I just cant eat them every day, let alone convince my family to. But I can swallow 4 sprout filled capsules or mix them in to a smoothie for my kids! So that’s what we do, we take VitaSprout daily to get all these benefits and feel peace of mind knowing I am protecting my family’s health in a simple, affordable way!

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