What is a food based vitamin?

Cassy O'DanielOct 21, 2022

MineralRich is our flagship product and we love to shout its praises from the rooftops because we know first hand the benefits it can provide your family. But we have another amazing multivitamin that doesn’t get enough attention. It's a real food vitamin that can truly hold its own. 

Look at the back of the bottle and see all the goods that are inside. It's very difficult to get a family to eat all of the sprouts, veggies and herbs that are inside VitaSprout. 

Keep pushing those fruits and veggies, but also give your family VitaSprout to know they are getting their fill. Your body recognises true food vitamins like food, so rest assured that your body will absorb its nutrients and use them for good within your body. In order to get the same amount of nutrients that our grandparents got from 1 orange, we would need to eat 8 today. SO we decided to take high nutrient dense foods like veggies and sprouts and put them into capsules so you don’t have to eat 8 oranges a day! Vita-Sprout provides the body with:

Imagine if your family was getting all of their vitamins and minerals every single day. That dream can come true today. Parinig MineralRich and Vitasprout is the way to go.

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