Are Multivitamins a waste of money?

Cassy O'DanielJan 31, 2023

Are Multivitamins a waste of money?

According to Northwestern news, there's no ‘magic set of pills to keep you healthy.’ Diet and exercise are key.” and here at Maximum Living, we completely agree. Health starts with lifestyle. 

You cannot outrun your fork. 

A supplement cannot reverse an unhealthy life. 

Small changes that we do consistently over time aid in improving our health outcomes.

Supplements definitely have their place in this, they do what they are titled, they supplement, or fill in the gaps, of an already healthy diet to increase it to the max! But not every vitamin is created equal, and some multivitamins and minerals are really a waste of money even if you are already leading a well rounded lifestyle.

As Northwestern news explains from the Journal of American Medical Association, “whole fruits and vegetables contain a mixture of vitamins, phytochemicals, fiber and other nutrients that probably act synergistically to deliver health benefits. Micronutrients in isolation may act differently in the body than when naturally packaged with a host of other dietary components.” What this means is that we know whole fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that help promote health in the body. What we don’t know is how exactly to replicate this in isolation with products made in labs that remove the whole food. We believe our supplements aid in health because they are made to work synergistically like whole fruits and vegetables do. In fact, we make our capsule supplements with real food ingredients. So ditch your synthetic vitamins and go natural with Vita-Sprout. Vita-Sprout is a true whole food supplement that offers natural vitamin sources your body recognizes as food! MineralRich, our liquid mineral product is also proven bioavailable for the body, so you can trust it is absorbing and being used just like the food you eat. We source the minerals naturally from the earth so they can continue to work together just like they do in nature. And we made the product liquid because that's the easiest and most successful way for your body to absorb the most amount of nutrients. 

Maybe you're still wondering if you need supplements if you eat really healthy?  Let’s check a few things. First, do you really eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily? Maybe you can check this off some days, but do you add new variety to this list or is it the same foods on repeat? And do you minimize or eliminate junk food or highly processed foods? We try really hard in my family to eat a well rounded diet with a large variety of whole foods, but I know even if we do, the soil we grow food in is depleted these days and so our foods contain less nutrients than they used to. That definitely has me worried for my kids' diets even more than my own. So for peace of mind and to fill in the gaps we may not be eating daily, we supplement! We make sure our vitamins and minerals are a good source of real food versus synthetic, fragmented brands. Maximum Living’s supplements admittedly are made in a lab but they are made to mimic what God put on the earth from us to use as real vitamins and minerals -real whole foods and plants that we know our body recognizes and absorbs and uses for positive change in our body! 

So grab yourself and your family our supplement trio and mix it with a healthy diet, daily movement and quality sleep and notice how your health improves drastically!

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