Women's Health Month: What's A Woman To Do?

Cassy O'DanielMay 1, 2023

Most of what we learn about health and wellness is based on men. Sorry to start this post about men but I guess we can’t talk about women without our other halves. Most medical studies were run on males alone, and so this is where the basis of our nutrition and exercise guidelines come from. 

Women can learn a lot from following general guidelines for eating and exercising, but it doesn’t tell the whole picture for optimal health. Women go through huge hormone shifts multiple times throughout their lives that men just don’t face. This leads to different needs for all aspects of wellness including proper diet and fitness, but also mental and spiritual wellness. Luckily, more doctors are studying this and the more we learn the more we can do to help ourselves. And it's just great to know that we aren’t crazy when we feel different at different times of the month or that we failed because a diet that worked for a male didnt work for us, or even that a diet that worked last year not doesn’t work any more! It really ain't fair. But it is what it is. 

As women, God gave us the ability to carry and grow babies for 9 long months and feed them directly from our bodies for up to years after that! It's pretty incredible. But it's also extremely draining. Mamas need extra nutrients before, during and after pregnancy. We need extra support from their tribe too, but I can’t provide that online. I can help provide education and guidance on our supplements that were made to help people feel good! 

We believe in our products and they have stood the test of time with MineralRich being consumed by thousands over the past 30 years. Tons of moms have shared the product with each other as an easy and tasty way to become mineral sufficient. They share it because they notice a boost in their energy, patience, and mood to start. Plus, better stress and sleep management. And on top of all this, a boost to their hair, skin and nail quality and vibrance!

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