How to Survive the Stress of the Holidays with Maximum Living MineralRich

Kelly AndradeJun 5, 2020

The holidays are officially upon us. With them come more than just sparkling lights and home-cooked meals. For many people, the holidays carry an additional burden of stress, which can take a toll both physically and mentally. Surviving the holidays isn’t easy, but if you have a plan of attack in place you will be able to enjoy the magical moments, rather than worrying about who you may have left off your gift list. Check out these tips to help you survive the stress of the holidays and don’t forget to boost your energy with Maximum Living MineralRich, in addition to taking care of yourself.

Stress seems to go hand in hand with the holiday season, along with shorter days and colder weather. To beat stress, take the holidays one step at a time so that they don’t get overwhelming. Instead of focusing on all the things that stress you out about the holidays, follow these easy tips to make the holidays run smoothly.

Get it Together and Make a Plan

Organize your holiday plans so that you don’t feel like you have a hundred and one things to accomplish, all at the same. Instead, take a few minutes to get organized. Make lists of everything from who and what you plan to gift to meal plans for your holiday parties and potlucks. Making a list can help any task seem manageable and can help ease feelings of stress. If you have trouble with time management, using a day planner can help you figure out how much time you need to accomplish various tasks, from shopping to gifts to prepping meals and even planning your holiday photo outfits. Use an old-fashioned day planner or find an app, if technology works best for you.

Take a Breath

Breathe anytime you start to feel stressed. Deep breathing techniques are a great way to calm yourself down when you start feeling overwhelmed. Just taking a few seconds to breathe deeply can make a big difference in slowing down your heart rate when it starts racing. You can also explore various breathing and yoga techniques if you find that you need more than just a few deep breaths.

Rethink the Holiday

Refocus on the things that you do like about the holidays. If you have trouble coming up with good things, think back to when you were a kid to try to recapture that feeling of joy and anticipation. Focusing on the positive rather than the negative is a great way to rid yourself of stress, at any time of year.

Schedule in Some “Me” Time

Take time out for yourself. The holidays are filled with family gatherings and friendly get-togethers, but it can be hard to work up the energy and stamina for them if you don’t take time out for yourself. Spend a few minutes doing something that you enjoy and find relaxing. Savor a cup of herbal tea or light a few candles and cuddle up with a few pages of a favorite book to restore your energy.

Stress also plays a major role in your health. Be sure to take care of yourself to make sure that your health doesn’t suffer as a result of your elevated stress levels and extra things to do.

Don’t Forget to Practice Smart Nutrition

Eating plays a surprising role in your stress levels. Although you may feel like making things easy in your time-crunched schedule and eating fast food, try not to. Having a healthy diet is important at all times, but especially when you feel stress and pressure so that you don’t feel unwell and sluggish. Even at holiday gatherings, skip the sweets and cream-drenched casseroles in favor of raw veggies from the crudite tray, fiber-fueled salads, and protein like turkey and ham. Enjoy complex carbohydrates like whole grains and nuts and use supplements like MineralRich to help further boost your dragging energy levels.

Take your Vitamins and Minerals

Supplements can help boost your immunity while you shake hands and hug old friends and boost your energy for the endless rounds of holiday parties. Add supplements like Maximum Living VitaSprout® and Solu-C® Supplements help fend off colds and flu that you might catch from all the extra hugs and handshakes that take place during the holidays. Other supplements, like MineralRich®, can give you a natural buzz of energy so that you have enough stamina to get through your usual routine, plus all the additional parties and shopping.

Work it Out

Exercising during the holidays is often the last thing on peoples’ minds. Instead, they just add it to their list of New Year’s resolutions. Rather than skip the exercise, get creative with how you work out. Maybe park further away from the store or do a few reps lifting frozen turkeys. If you head out of town for the holidays, then check out your hotel’s gym or explore the neighborhood on foot. Getting exercise, such as going for a walk to blow off steam, or doing a few jumping jacks when you wake up, can help eliminate some of the stress from the holiday season.

Dream Sweetly

Sleep is a key component of getting through the holidays. Although it can be tempting to get to sales early and stay up late wrapping presents, the body heals while you sleep so be sure to get as much as you can during this hectic time of year. Getting good, quality sleep can help you fight fatigue during the day as you navigate heavier traffic, squeeze in shopping trips for gifts and groceries, and give up your weekends in favor of holiday parties.

The holidays come with additional activities that can lower your energy levels. For a natural boost, add MineralRich with energy-boosting B-12, biotin, magnesium, and other trace minerals. The essential trace minerals in the supplement can help you get through shopping, chopping, partying, and start off the new year right.

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