Vita-Sprout (Multi Vitamin) Vita-Sprout (Multi Vitamin)

Vita-Sprout (Multi Vitamin)

Maximum Living’s Vita-Sprout® is a complete whole food multivitamin/mineral formula. This synergistic blend of concentrated organic sprouts and GMO-free vegetables feed the body with essential phytonutrients delivering enhanced nutritional support to the body.
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The amount of Vitamin A (retinyl) palmitate in Vita-Sprout® is 5000 IU per four capsules. The remaining 5,000 IU Vitamin A is derived from mixed natural carotenoids, which are non-toxic.

Quality Control & Assurance

The Quality Control & Quality Assurance Practices at Maximum Living consist of stringent procedures and quality checkpoints that are managed and controlled by a team of educated and experienced individuals.

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